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The best anti aging advice that I can give you about losing weight with the Weight Loss Cure Protocol, before you start, is to take the time to mentally commit to your weight loss plan of action.

Decide on the amount of weight you plan to lose. Your physician is an excellent resource to help you with this decision.

Success thrives with an "I will" attitude, leaving absolutely no room for "if I lose weight", "when I lose weight" or "maybe I'll lose weight".

Commit to the Anti Aging Weight Loss Cure Protocol and you will lose weight.

Getting Started

Getting started does take a little preparation. My first piece of anti aging advice is that you begin with ---


Commitment is an interactive state. It begins with mentally analyzing why you want to lose weight.

women with shopping bags

Will it make you feel more attractive?
Will you have more self-confidence?
Will you enjoy shopping for your clothes?
Will you be healthier?
Will you have more energy?

The answer to all of these questions is: yes! yes! yes!

My second piece of anti aging advice to you is ---

Believe in yourself

Attitude is everything!
Think positively and you will have no room for negative thoughts.
Be patient with yourself and plan to succeed.
Visualize yourself at your goal weight.

Think about how you will feel with more energy and more vitality.

May I also suggest that you work with your doctor. If you are on medication, with the assistance of your doctor, monitor your health and you may be able to reduce or eliminate those drugs that you no longer need.

Prepare to Succeed

Part of commitment is preparing to succeed.

Your preparation includes:

  • Learning about the HCG Drops
  • Booking an appointment with your doctor
  • Planning when to start your anti aging weight loss program
  • Assembling the tools you need ... tape measure, weigh scales, and a notebook
  • Recording your beginning body weight and measurements

Save your time

You may now be at the point where you feel that you really can do this
and finally be the size, weight and shape that you have always wanted to be. You may be so ready to go ahead with the Weight Loss Cure Protocol (WLCP).

However, it is perfectly normal if you have this nagging little doubt about where are you going to find the time to shop and prepare your meals, in addition to getting the other items you need.

Everything you need is here for you, all in one place, with the exception
of the HCG drops. You can find free recipes, food, books, tools, and diet tips.

Save your time and prepare to succeed.

My final piece of anti aging advice is a very important one ---

Plan your start date

This is a very powerful weight loss program, and it does require complete commitment to each phase.

Block off a time when you will encounter the least amount of temptation. Although this program Is easy to stick with; you are most successful if you resist any temptation to waiver from the program.

You can do it!

Status--Where you are in the Program

In this session you learned how to prepare yourself mentally through commitment to your successful weight loss, strengthening your sense of self worth and visualization of the new you.

You have also discovered the physical steps to take in your preparation to succeed; booking your appointment, determining your start date and assembling your tools.

Next Steps

Make the commitment and prepare for a successful weight loss by learning how to:

  • use the HCG Drops
  • record your measurements
  • track your weight

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