The Anti Aging Forty Plus Guide

Take Care of You!

Your health is in your hands!

The awareness that health is dependent upon habits that we control makes us the first generation in history that to a large extent determines its own destiny.

Jimmy Carter

I am asking you the question I asked myself several years ago.

What do you want from life after forty? 

Think about it!

The response I receive from most people is health, wealth, and happiness.  A vague and general answer at best, I think, and not very specific for something as important as how you are going to feel for the rest of your life.

Do you ever marvel at yourself?   Do you ever think about the infinite potential you have as a human being?

The secret to a healthier, happier, richer and more abundant lifestyle is brought about when you balance your life by:

  • eating  clean, pure food
  • drinking clean water
  • exercising regularly 
  • sleeping soundly
  • laughing often 

My name is Wilma Aselstine and it is my belief that there are no magic bullets-- only commitment and dedication to a sensible, sound and reliable plan for optimal health!

It takes nutritional smarts and regular exercise to age without aging. 

Your chronological age should be the last consideration of your attraction when you have great skin, clear eyes and a toned body.

How it all started.

I cannot remember not being interested in personal health.  I spent my early years living on a farm where everything we ate was either picked, grown or caught.

My Grandmother would regularly give me a spoonful of thick syrupy cod liver oil that sat on the spoon like a big amber bubble. 

Contamination was not a concern at that time.

As a teenager, I purchased all the latest beauty products, read everything I could get my hands on about body shapes, flattering shapes, styles and colors. Luckily my Mother had an eye for style.

Here is a funny story about one of my early purchases.  One morning my Father did not have any toothpaste and asked to borrow mine.  I had recently bought toothpaste that claimed to make your teeth brilliantly white.

This toothpaste was a very rich red color, so you know that all it did was make your teeth appear whiter by making your gums appear darker.  

Needless to say when Dad squeezed that along his toothbrush he required
an explanation and then proceeded to tell me about wasting my money. 

That I already knew!

My smile for the day was that he had to use it since he had no other, and I did catch him checking his teeth to see if they really did look whiter!

Earning a living

I finished my schooling and went to work in the financial world. I stayed in that world until I retired. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I earned my living as an instructional designer and trainer.  I love to learn and to teach.  The time and attention devoted to research has certainly never been a hardship.

It is such a great feeling when you see a learner “get it”.  Perhaps they have been struggling with a difficult concept and suddenly a familiar relationship connects and the light goes on.  That is priceless!

In addition to courses related to my regular career; I studied and applied the skills learned in: 

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Makeup artistry
  • Image consulting

Personal care was an interest that grew as I learned more about the benefits of catering to the body’s needs both inside and outside.

Life Changing Event

Stress is a game changer.  Although I certainly enjoyed my career choice, it was not without stress—travel, research, design, development and delivery of applicable instructions within defined deadlines usually meant long hours and limited down time.

Over time stress broke down my immunity system.  It does not occur quickly. In my case it took a long time.  My Doctor told me that my Adrenaline was flat- lined. 

In 2007 I was hospitalized for a month.  The initial diagnosis was double virus pneumonia.  While in the hospital I contacted C.difficile. The Doctors worried about my survival.

When I walked into my Doctor's office, after leaving the hospital, her first words were “I did not expect to see you again, you are one strong lady”.

I credit my survival to all the years that I had paid attention to what I put in and on my body.  Since I rarely take any prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs whatever medication was given to me did the job it was intended to do. 

However, I had done nothing to reduce my level of stress.

An Anti Aging Secret

Something that I believe is not talked about nearly enough is belief.  It never occurred to me for even a moment that I would not survive.  I believed that I would and I did.

Excellent medical care, healthy background and strong belief equaled survival!

Why do I go the "natural way"?

I had a very unsettling experience when I was pregnant with our son.  My morning sickness was so severe.  I spoke to my Doctor about it as I was still working and planned to continue working as long as possible.  He mentioned that there was a new drug that he could prescribe. He felt that this drug would very likely eliminate my morning sickness. 

My hesitation caused him to suggest eating 3 or 4 soda biscuits before slipping out of bed in the morning.  I bought a box of soda biscuits on my way home.  That helped!

My heart nearly stopped when I later discovered that the new drug for morning sickness was Thalidomide!  Thank goodness I did not take it!!!

Medication absolutely has its place.  I was certainly glad of it when I was hospitalized and probably would not have survived without it. However, I treat it with a great deal of respect, whether prescription or over-the counter.  I do my research and go the nutritional/natural way unless emergency treatment is needed.

The downside is the nutritional/natural way does take longer because it is working with your system and not causing any side effects.  

Our bodies are absolute genius at healing, if given the chance.


A new era has begun. 

Stress—what is that?

I feel very healthy and the rest of my life lies before me.
The age of 40 and beyond can be absolutely mind boggling.

I created the Antiaging Forty Plus Guide to provide a system that offers guidance in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Sharing my experience with you regarding weight control, nutrition, skin care, body care and exercise is my way of paying forward the many benefits that I have received. 

Respect and protect your body by using only the purest, cleanest and safest products to enjoy for the rest of your life. 

If you are healthy, you certainly want to keep your health or if you feel that you could be healthier; consider learning how to “take care of you” as a valuable option to obtaining your optimal health.  

The Future

Times have changed.  We are certainly dealing with a different world in regards to staying and becoming healthy.

You want to eat food that is not contaminated with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, growth hormones or antibodies.

Always read the labels on all products intended for your body.

Exercise sensibly and drink, drink, drink pure water.

Take Care of You and Yours!

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