Are All Anti Aging Bottled Waters
Created Equal?

Research, Analyze and Decide!

There are 6 types of personal-sized Bottled Water. Let's review the labeling and learn about the meaning of each one.

It is true that some types of bottled water are municipal water. However, bottling companies apply additional filtration to the municipal water.

Drinking, Fluoridated and Purified bottled water are treated to remove any particles, toxic minerals and chemicals that may remain in municipal water.

1) Drinking Water

Bottled water labeled “drinking water” is either water that has been partially purified retaining most of its original minerals or water that has been completely demineralized.

To improve the taste, minerals are often added to drinking water.

Replacing the minerals eliminates most of the aggressiveness of drinking water. The occurrence of chemicals leaching from soft plastic bottles is reduced when water is returned to its natural state with the addition of minerals.

2) Fluoridated Water
Fluoridated water is drinking water with fluoride added.

There are some very strong arguments for and equally strong arguments against adding fluoride to drinking water.

Those opposed to the fluoridation of drinking water contend that fluoride is:

  • Toxic waste, a byproduct of many types of industry - such as aluminum, steel, fertilizer, glass, cement and other industries.
  • Already ingested from processed foods, juices and sodas, toothpaste and resides in crops.
  • Linked to bone fractures, lowered IQ, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, allergies and more.
  • Not something your body needs -- health treatments should be a personal choice.

Those in favor of the additive fluoride in your drinking water contend that fluoride:

  • Does not contain any toxic wastes.   
  • Prevents tooth decay on all economic levels.
  • Studies do not support a link between exposure to fluoride in drinking water and adverse health effects.
  • In municipal water is endorsed by over 90 national and international professional health agencies and organizations.

3) Purified Bottled Water

This water is the purest water; however, it has nothing in it.  All the minerals have been removed from purified water. 

There are two streams of thought on the benefits of purified water. 

1) One stream believes that purified water will neither harm nor help you.

2) A second stream believes that since all minerals have been removed purified water should be avoided.

However, there seems to be agreement on one point.   That point is—purified water (with all minerals removed) is an unnatural state for water. It will become aggressive and try to return to its natural state by reacting chemically with any material it contacts. 

Purified bottled water displays any of the following labels:

  • Purified 
  • Distilled 
  • Deionized 
  • Demineralized

If you do decide to drink purified bottled water—be careful of purified water in soft plastic bottles. Leaching of chemicals from the plastic may occur if the water temperature is elevated or the water has been stored in the plastic bottle for a long time.

4) Mineral Water

The source of this type of bottled water can be uncertain.  The source may be tap water or water from a natural source.  It is required to have a specific level of dissolved minerals in it before it can be labeled mineral water.

5) Natural Source Water

Natural source water generally contains beneficial minerals.  Naturally occurring spring or underground water is the source.   This type of water is regulated by the FDA and by the IBWA if the bottler is a member.

6) Specialty Water

Specialty Waters are categorized as beverages.  This water includes products with added flavors.  The water used may be from naturally occurring springs or tap water.

They are exempt from regulation by the FDA.

What is the best personal-sized bottled water?

You are now aware that there can be considerable differences between one type of bottled water and another. We have also discussed that water stored in plastic water bottles can be a concern, even when caution is exercised.  

Water bottled in glass removes most of the leaching concern.

To assist with your decision regarding the personal-sized bottled water you may wish to drink, take a moment and click here to view the largest selection of bottled waters from all over the world.   

What is the quality of vending machine water?

The quality of vending machine water is usually consistent.  The source of vending machine water is municipal water.   However, the location of the vending machine is important. 

The more a machine is used the less chance of water pollutants.The machines must meet standards that regulate:

  • How frequently the machines are serviced
  • Purification methods that are used
  • Minimum water quality standards

Before purchasing water from a particular vending machine, check with your local health department to determine that this machine is being properly maintained and serviced.

You may select drinking water or purified water.  Drinking water does not go through the demineralization stage.  Clean glass containers are your best choice for storage.

Are bulk water stores a good place to buy water?

Water specialty stores that sell only water products generally offer a very high quality product. This quality is based on:

  • Knowledge of water purification by Store Managers
  • Maintenance and sophistication of in-store equipment

Bulk water stores may offer both drinking water and purified water. Choose the safest option and buy the glass water containers when purchasing water in bulk.

Anti Aging Secret

Drinking water is vital to your health!

Decide now to always keep you body fully hydrated with clean, pure anti aging water.

Status – Where you are in the program

Now you have a 4,000 foot view of all types of water. My experience has taught me that all types of anti aging water are either strongly defended or debunked.  Therefore, after careful deliberation, I believe it is a personal choice regarding the type of water you wish to consume. 

During my research I discovered that you do need to evaluate all that is available and make a decision to drink the anti aging water that is the purest and cleanest for your optimum health.

This is a very dense session.  You are to be applauded for completing and understanding the implications involved when selecting your drinking water. 

Great Work!

Next Steps

Exercise completes the optimal health circle.  
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