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Good health is your primary asset!

By the time you reach the Anti Aging Nutrition section of the Anti Aging Guide, you are well into the information gathering process of preparing to succeed with the Best Weight Loss Program.


One of the added benefits of the time spent eating only the clean, unprocessed food, required on the diet, is that you no longer crave or want to eat unhealthy food.

There is so much conflicting information available. Even the nutritional experts have a difficult time agreeing on what you should and should not eat.

How do you eat healthy, tasty anti aging food that will keep you looking and feeling younger and full of life? As you know, when you are healthy it shows in your hair, eyes, teeth, skin, nails, and last but certainly not least, your physical shape.

In the Anti Aging Nutrition session of the Guide you will learn how to:

  • listen to your body
  • select the nutrients your body needs
  • avoid nutritionally void foods
  • plan a balanced diet
  • practice portion control

What does my body need to be healthy?

You are unique!

There is no one on this planet exactly like you! Therefore it stands to reason that your body needs an Anti Aging Food Plan that is designed specifically for you.

Discovering the perfect food plan for you is paramount to:

  • maintaining your ideal weight for life
  • reducing the risk of disease
  • preventing/reducing the use of drugs
  • feeling strong, healthy and energized

It is the objective of the Anti Aging Nutrition session to provide you with the tools and information you need to make healthy anti aging food choices.

Good anti aging nutrition is straightforward and simple.

Eating healthy is a sure fire way to avoid obesity and all the problems it brings along with it. Obesity is just one of the the nasty results of over-eating those over-processed, nutritionally void foods.

How do I listen to my body?

Your body knows what it needs to be healthy!

It tells you what it needs, if you know how to listen.

The best time to begin listening is when you are in Phase 4 of Dr. Simeons, Pounds and Inches, the First Stage of Maintenance. At this time you are beginning to re-introduce more food into your diet, with the exception of sugars and starches.

When you begin to eat foods that you have not eaten during your Weight Loss Program, take a few minutes and as you re-introduce a food into your diet, jot down the date, the name of the food and a note documenting the results.

Use this information when you start to develop your anti aging food plan for healthy eating, check your food journal to determine the foods that should be included or avoided.

Consider the following and all the results that you feel are due to the foods that you eat.

Did that particular food make your feel happy and energized or did you feel sluggish, bloated and out of sorts?

Is your memory and thinking clear or is it clouded?

Did you notice a jump in your weight when you stepped on the scales the next morning, or did your weight remain constant?

How did you sleep? Did you wake up rested and refreshed or groggy and puffy?

Your body needs a good nutritionally balanced diet that is in tune with your system. All foods that effect you positively are the ones you want to become part of the anti aging food plan that is specifically geared to your good health.

Let's move forward and re-discover the basics of a nutritionally balanced diet.

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