Anti Aging Skin Beauty

Conceal, Blend, Enhance!

Anti Aging Skin Beauty is the result of catering to your specific skin type and tone with clean, pure beauty products.

Have you noticed how some people tan easily, some are prone to acne, while others have deep furrows in their forehead, and those dreaded puppet lines running between the nose and the mouth?

Then, there are those folks who seem to be so lucky as they only have some or none of these challenges.

It is all in your genes!

While everyone's skin structure is basically the same, skin type and tone are uniquely yours. It is very important that you know your skin type and tone before choosing any anti aging beauty products.

We talked earlier about the four basic skin types.

  • normal/combination
  • dry/mature
  • oily/problem
  • sensitive

Anti aging skin beauty also includes your skin tone.

What is skin Tone?

Skin Tone is the color of your skin. Melanin gives your skin its color. Dark skin contains more melanin than light skin. It provides protection from sun damage...the more melanin your skin contains, the less sun damage you will experience.

Most skin tones fall into four categories:

  • light
  • medium
  • tanned
  • dark

A light, fair or medium skin tone is more susceptible to sun damage, redness, unsightly broken blood vessels and capillaries. Whereas tanned or dark skin is less likely to suffer from sun damage.

When compared to light skin, dark skin tone tends to be oilier which helps to keep the skin line and wrinkle free longer. Light skin is less susceptible to scaring and discoloring.

The best skin care products are developed to cater to both your skin type and tone ensuring an anti aging skin care system that works for you.

How do I make my skin tone look picture perfect?

Perfect your skin tone by learning how to:

  • apply concealer to cover any discolorations on your face
  • create a smooth even tone to your skin
  • blend to shape your face

When do I apply concealer?

You may have noticed dark circles under your eyes, skin discolorations, and age spots on your face. Concealer is your secret weapon.

After you have cleansed, conditioned and moisturized your face, applying concealer is the next step.

How do I choose the right shade of concealer?

Pick a shade of concealer that is just a little lighter than your skin tone.

How do I apply concealer?

Using a spatula, scoop a small amount of concealer into the palm of your hand to warm. (This will help you apply the concealer lightly and smoothly.)

When the concealer is warm -- beginning at the outer area of your eye, using the pad of your finger, lightly dab and continue dabbing to blend the concealer:

(a) along the dark area under your eye and continue to the inner corner of your eye.

(b) on your upper eyelids

(c) on any other discolorations to create a perfect skin tone before finishing your anti aging skin beauty, with foundation.

How do I enhance the shape of my face?

When shaping your face use three shades of concealer-- light, medium and dark. The difference between the light, medium and dark concealers should be very subtle -- only a shade or two.

Always remember that dark colors diminish and light colors highlight.

To keep your shaping a secret, blend, blend, blend. Do experiment with mixing the colors to get the the perfect matching color for your skin tone to highlight your best features and diminish those areas that are a little less than perfect.

To get a nice, smooth, consistent color of concealer-- mix your selections in the palm of your hand. Dab onto your skin with your ring finger and blend, blend, blend.

You will find it is quicker and more efficient if you start applying the lightest blend of concealer and add medium or dark concealer, to the mix in your palm, as you need it.

When your initial experimenting pays off with the perfect blend -- do make a note of it for next time.

Let's discover the areas you may like to diminish on your face.

(a) To narrow your nose - blend a medium concealer down each side of your nose - blend a light concealer down the center of your nose.

(b) To diminish your double chin - blend a medium/darker concealer along your jaw bone and blend out under your jawbone.

(c) To narrow your face - blend a medium/darker concealer at your temple and continue along the side of your face ending at mid-ear.

Let's discover the areas you may like to highlight on your face:

(a) To define your chin - blend out a light/medium concealer starting at the center or your chin, ending before the end of your jawbone.

(b) To broaden a narrow/small face - blend a light/medium concealer at your temple.

(c) To accent your cheek bones:

  • blend the lightest shade below the hollow of your eye at the top of your cheekbone
  • blend the medium shade just below the top of your cheekbone along the length of your cheekbone
  • blend the darker shade in the hollow below your cheekbone

Anti Aging Secret

To cover both light and dark blotches and age spots on your face and create a flawless complexion -- use a darker concealer on
the light spots and a lighter concealer on the dark spots. Always blend out to the edges of each area you are covering.

After you have applied your concealer, the next steps are applying the finishing touches, beginning with your foundation.
You may wish to skip the foundation step and apply a loose powder with a big brush for a very natural look.

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