A Simple Anti Aging System

Measure, Weigh and Record!

A simple Anti Aging System for tracking your success is the third part of Commitment –- Recording Results.

You are about to change your body image.

You are going to lose weight. You are also going to notice a welcome change in your body shape. You should notice a remarkable reduction in the size of your waist, hips, thighs and arms.

It is important to regularly record those changes as you progress through Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Cure Protocol.

Learn how to:

  • set up a simple recording system
  • record your initial measurements
  • record your daily weight

When you begin the Program, the first thing you should do is measure and weigh yourself, on the first morning, of the first day.

What do I measure?

You are going to find that your body measurements will change. This diet will actually re-shape your body.

Measure and record your:

.Right and left bicep
.Right and left thigh
.Right and left calf

The second thing you should do is track your weight loss

How often do I track my weight?

Some weight loss programs recommend that you only weigh yourself once a week, so as not to become discouraged. That is not the case with this Anti Aging Weight Loss Program.

Weigh yourself daily at the same time and record the information that is displayed on your scale.

Before breakfast in the morning is an easy time to remember.

Will I need special scales?

Yes, you should purchase, if you do not already own, a digital body fat scale.

The model I use is shown here, a Conair Weight Watchers Scale- Model WW52.

This scale monitors my weight, body fat, body water, bone mass and body mass index.

There are several other models available that provide the information you need to know and record. 

You can certainly purchase any similar scale.  However, please ensure that the one you are going to use provides the anti aging diet information you need for your records.

When you receive the scale of your choice, please read the entire enclosed brochure to learn how your weight information is displayed.

Set up your scale to recognize you!

How do I know what to record?

The instructions included with the digital body fat scale outline all the information you need regarding the numbers displayed on the scale.

Plan to weight yourself at the same time every day and immediately record the information outlined below.

To keep the anti aging system simple, I suggest that you purchase a coil backed notebook and put it in a handy place, e.g. the bathroom counter near the scale.

Follow the system and section the page in your notebook, with the following Titles.

The Description is just for your information.

Titles Description
Day No. Record Day No and Phase No.
Date Record date
Weight Your actual body weight
Body Fat Pounds of body fat
Fat% Percentage of body fat
Body Water Hydration Level
Muscle % Skeletal Muscle
BMI(optional) Your Body Mass Index

Should I record each phase individually?

Recording the number of days in each phase is an easy way to keep track of your progress

For example, if you record anti aging diet information on Days 1 and 2 of Phase 1, the Load Days, on day 3 you will move into Phase 2, Drops and Very Low Caloric Days, and begin to record your diet information as Day 1 of Phase 2.

Where do I find a list of the WLC Protocol Phases?

Phases 1 - 5 are listed here.

Phase 1 - Load Days - Days No. 1-No.2

Phase 2 - Drops & Very Low Calorie Days (VLCD) - Days No.1-21


Days No.1-No.40 (depending on weight you want to lose.

Phase 3 - No Drops & VLCD - Days No.1 - No.3

Phase 4 - No Drops and No sugar or starches - Days No. 1-No.21

Phase 5 - No Drops - Add in sugar & starches - Days No. 1-No.21

You will be absolutely delighted with the daily results, if you follow the program exactly.

Status--Where you are in the Program

You learned about a simple anti aging system. Learning how to prepare complete and accurate information streamlines the process of record keeping.

You have learned:

  • what to record
  • how to record that information
  • when to record your successful changes

Next Steps

Keeping a record of the changes in your measurements and weight is an important Action Step in the successful preparation for losing weight.

Now is the time to learn about:

  • finding recipes
  • preparing your meals
  • handling temptation

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