Anti Aging Superfoods

Clean, Powerful and Effective!

When introducing anti aging superfoods into your food plan, begin with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually work up to two teaspoons of each superfood per day. 

You are providing your system with the ideal combination of potent antioxidants, alkalising minerals and organic whole foods.  Allow your system time to adjust. 

You should find a gradual increase of concentrated anti aging superfoods over 10 days works very well.

Certified Organic Probiotics

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are an anti aging superfood.

Certified Organic Probiotic Superfood, based on more than 20 years of research, contains the complete Lactobacillus family of 13 strains combined with 26 certified organic whole foods naturally fermented for 3 weeks prior to bottling.

The good bacteria that are provided by Probiotics are essential for many vital body functions, including healthy digestion. Your body needs
beneficial bacteria for a strong immunity system, maintenance of the lining of the intestinal tract and the absorption of nutrients.

Common issues such as diet, antibiotics and stress can disrupt your natural balance of good bacteria. Probiotics are designed to help maintain your digestive balance; increasing the number of good bacteria making it difficult for the bad bacteria to cause you health problems.

How do I choose a probiotic?

When choosing a Probiotic---

The Probiotic Strain is important!

When selecting a probiotic it is worth assuring yourself that the bacteria is sourced from fruits, vegetables or grains and not from fecal matter.

A naturally fermented, raw, organic, vegan probiotic containing the complete lactobacillus family combined with whole foods, amino acids and essential enzymes is ideal.

What are alkalizing superfoods?

Unfriendly organisms flourish when your body is acidic.

The ideal balance of food intake is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.  Alkaline forming foods are mainly vegetables, plants with deep green leaves and some fruits. Bad bacteria, yeast and viruses cannot survive in your body when you eat alkaline foods.

In the western diet, acid forming foods include just about everything else we eat---meat, poultry, milk, cheese, bread, pasta, pastries, soft drinks and packaged foods.

When you eat alkaline forming foods bad bacteria, yeast and viruses and other diseases find it difficult to survive.  They are good for your brain, your bones and your heart---detoxify and alkalise your cells, boost you immune system and not the least of which they give you energy.

Do I have to shop for these alkaline forming superfoods?

It is all prepared for you!

Busy people like you just do not have the time to regularly shop, prepare and store the highest quality vegetables, plants and fruit that you and your family need. 

Also, ensuring that you are eating the most potent and purest produce available containing  all the essential nutrients that you require to alkalise your body demands a great deal of expertise.

How do I choose an alkaline anti aging superfood?

Potency and Purity are important!

When selecting an alkalizing superfood, potency and purity is very important. You should be assured that this superfood is raw, unprocessed and certified organic. When it contains concentrated sources of vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, phyto-nutrients and alkaline minerals you are providing your body with a clean, powerful  and effective superfood.

Certified Organic Alkalising Superfood is the solution. Made from the freeze dried juices from the world's most potent sources of greens, Alkalising superfood is 100% raw, vegan and certified organic.

Certified Organic Antioxidant Superfood

What are antioxidant superfoods?

Antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables help to neutralize free radicals.

Take the advice of numerous researchers and health organizations. Eat a diet abundant in fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods.

It has been shown that the effectiveness of antioxidants is increased when combined with other antioxidants.  

Supplementing with an isolated antioxidant or a few isolated antioxidant nutrients may prove to be ineffective in providing the superior benefits you gain from supplementing with multiple antioxidants.

How do I choose an antioxidant anti aging superfood?

When you are regularly eating a combination of pure whole foods and antioxidant superfoods you are providing your body with the best nutrition for health and vitality.

Again, I believe you would find it very difficult to shop, prepare and eat all the fruit and vegetables you need to provide the same  nutritional benefits of this powerful duo.

Certified Organic Antioxidant Superfood saves the day with a delicious combination of nine of the world's most potent, antioxidant superfoods.

Potency and Purity are Important!

When selecting an antioxidant anti aging superfood be assured of the potency and purity.  You should be assured that this superfood contains a combination of the world's most potent certified organic fruits and vegetables in every spoonful.

Anti Aging Secret

When selecting a superfood the potency is very important.  In addition to the potency do take a minute and check to ensure the packaging and quality of the product meet the highest standards.


The purest superfoods are manufactured within the certified organic requirements and sealed to ensure an effective level until the "best by" date on the container.


Always choose products from a company that you trust. A company whose products have been reviewed by medical studies and those products have demonstrated the benefits and potency as described by the company. A company that displays the certified organic seal  is a trustworthy source.

Status--Where you are in the program

You have learned about a supplement that is powerful and all-inclusive. 

Anti aging superfoods contribute green alkalising minerals, potent antioxidants and immune boosting probiotics. You now know how to provide your body with the best macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients.

You are well on your way to optimal health!

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