Anti Aging Your Hair

Detox, Repair and Love it!

One of the things that you may experience in your transition from using your old shampoo to the certified organic shampoo is that your hair feels so rough and natty after shampooing.

When I was anti aging my hair and made the transition over from the commercial shampoos, I wondered what was happening, the shampoo would not lather and the texture of my hair felt like a dry loofah.

I was quite concerned to say the least. I truly thought that I would never get a comb through my hair.

Then I discovered that I had to detox my hair to receive the anti aging benefits of the Certified Organic Shampoo. This process removed the chemicals from my hair. Certified Organic Hair Repair really helped with the rough texture until my hair was free of toxins.

How do I detox my hair?

There are 4 methods that you can use as you begin anti aging your hair. Use one of the 4 to detox your hair. It takes a few washings with one of the following processes to dissolve all the toxins accumulated on your hair shaft.

  1. Just shampoo regularly and over time the chemicals are eliminated--applying the clarifying hair rinse helps.
  2. Add 1 cup sea salt, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 2 cups bicarb soda to your bathwater. Swirl your hair around in it. Then shampoo.
  3. Wash your hair in a paste of bicarb soda and certified organic shampoo.
  4. Wash your hair in a paste made with an anti aging clay mask and certified organic shampoo.

Special Treatments for anti aging your hair.

How can I control my oily hair/problem scalp?

Oily hair is normally the result of over active sebaceous glands.
The sebaceous glands are part of the hair follicle. These glands produce oil to condition and lubricate the hair fiber.

The good new is that as you age the sebum production slows down resulting in drier hair.

The best way to deal with oily hair is to wash your hair regularly. You are the best person to know how frequently you need to wash your hair. The frequency is based on the oiliness of your hair.


  • Use an anti aging certified organic shampoo for normal to oily hair on your scalp.
  • Allow shampoo to flow through hair strands when rinsing your hair.
  • Wrap hair in towel and press dry.


  • Apply a anti aging certified organic hair rinse formulated with organic apple cider vinegar and organic herbs.
  • To use, add 20ml (1 tablespoon) to a cup of warm water and pour over clean hair.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Wrap hair in towel and press dry.


  • Apply the anti aging certified organic hair conditioner.
  • Cover hair with a shower cap for 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Remove cap and rinse off the conditioner.
  • Wrap hair in towel and press dry.

How can I repair the dry, brittle ends on my hair?

Dry, brittle ends are often the result of chemical treatments like straightening, perming and curling. Any treatment that requires the use of hot styling tools puts your hair at risk of drying and damage.

When anti aging your hair use long lasting moisturization and organic herbals that help rebuild strength and body giving your hair a smoother texture.

Spray Certified Organic Hair Repair on after towel drying your hair and before styling to help save your hair from heat damage and prevent breakage.

How do I determine my most flattering hair style?

There are a number of things that come into play when deciding on an attractive hairstyle.

  1. Face Shape (oval, square, long, heart, pear and round)
  2. Hair Shape (straight, wavy or curly)
  3. Body Shape (balance your hair style with your body shape)
  4. Color (compliment your skin tone when deciding on a color)
  5. Lifestyle (wash and wear or a style requiring more care?)

You are looking to find a style that is uniquely you.

Considering these 5 items, before your make any major decisions, helps to ensure a hair style that you really love.

Is there anything else I should know?

Last but not least, imperative to a great hair style is your stylist.

Whether you are considering a new stylist or have decided to stay with your current one; be knowledgeable about your hair and encourage suggestions and discussion.

If you decide to change your stylist. I suggest that you make an appointment for a consultation. That way the stylist has booked you in for 15 minutes or so and you are given time to comfortably discuss the changes you are considering. This removes any stress for both yourself and the stylist if a client is waiting.

Do go to the consultation prepared. Take the information you believe will provide the changes you want to happen.

  • Pictures of hairstyles on models with the same shaped face as yours.
  • Samples of the color range that you think will work for you.
  • Notes that you have made with your questions and concerns.

Your discussion should include how that hairstyle:

  • responds to the shape (curly, wavy or straight) of your hair
  • works with the texture of your hair (fine, medium, course --thick, thin or in-between)
  • fits into your lifestyle - is it easy or time consuming to keep the style looking good
  • the tools you need to keep your hairstyle looking great

Anti Aging Secret

Trust your instincts. If you are not completely happy with your consultation. Do not be discouraged, book an appointment with a stylist at another salon.

Never settle! You are a woman on a mission!

Status--Where you are in the Program

You have read the tips and tricks to anti aging your hair. In this session you learned how to:

  • take into consideration all the factors that contribute to a great hairstyle
  • apply only the very purest and cleanest products to treat your
    hair and scalp
  • discuss your thoughts and findings with a skilled hairstylist

Next Steps

You are now ready to move into the next session of the Anti Aging Forty Plus Guide.

In the next session of Body Skin Care you will learn how to:

  • Keep your mouth fresh and clean
  • Protect your gums from shrinkage
  • Whiten and brighten your smile

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